Get To Know Fibonacci Strategy For Roulette

The Fibonacci Casino Strategy is one of the most complicated and thrilling betting drago lotto schemes ever developed, primarily because of the near-mysterious set of numbers found in different areas of science, arts and nature. The sequence creates an aggressive and relatively safe negative progression when used in gambling that increases the amount of the bet after each loss.

It is fascinating to remember that all around us there seem to be Fibonacci numbers – in music, nature, math, etc. Those who did not know before could be shocked by the consistency of the series.

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It was named after an Italian mediaeval mathematician of the Republic of Pisa, who used the sequence for the measurement of habit population theoretical rise. But the author of this curious line of numbers was not Leonardo of Pisa, who was later renamed Fibonacci. He only brought it to the West in the newly launched Liber Abaci book in 1202. The series was first observed and identified centuries ago by Indian mathematicians.

Fibonacci numbers are now used in the fields of mathematics, electronics, data analyses, optics, economy, music and sculpture. Interestingly, the branching of the trees and the distribution of leaves can also be seen under biological environments.

The concept

Although scientists start the Fibonacci sequence today with zero, the size of bets doesn’t really matter, so the casino system starts with 1. We need another one to continue with this pattern. Then we have 2 (1+1), 3 (2+1), 5 (3+2), etc. There are the first and most widely used numbers for betting: Fibonacci:

This technique is used for even cash roulette betting – red and black, high and low, even and uncommon. You know, red and black will definitely still be present during the game, although the exact chances on the roulette wheel are less than 50 percent. However, these equitable bets.

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Roulette series

Then how do the sequence numbers apply to the bets in the game? The number of Units we bet on each spin is expressed by each number. The unit can be of any currency worth as long as it is greater than the table minimum – land-based casinos typically allow $5 to $10 or even more bets per spin. 

The caps in online casinos are much smaller, however, with each spin costing $1 to $500 in virtual roulettes. The bets for the selected unit are 5 US dollars – 5 US dollars – 10 US dollars – 15 USD – 25 USD – 40 USD–65 – 105 – 170 US Dollars and so on. A strong tip will also restrict the size of the bet to no more than 5% of the player’s bet.

Except under some cases these bets are placed only. Since the technique Fibonacci is a negative move forward, the bets after the loss of spins must be raised. So as long as they fail, the bets suit the chain. 

However, if a bet wins, players can return two moves in the series. If, for instance, we put a chip of 5 dollars on black, and we lose, the next spin is $5 wager, and if it is missed, then we lift it to two or ten dollars. If the ball hits red again, the next spin’s bet is 15 bucks. If it wins, we return two numbers in the order and put a single bet ($5) for our next bet.


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